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Plate vanity table affects visual effects

- Mar 20, 2018 -

Dresser surface texture under the tree texture decision, after the color texture will be more clear, for example, lobular red sandalwood wood with pores, and like fur like texture, commonly known as the ox hair pattern dresser bathroom cabinet one hundred years, high-grade lobular red sandalwood with venus. Red rosewood vanity corner cabinet, due to growth in the high water, so excellent and beautiful water, chicken wing wood has black wings shaped lines.

Now more and more people are moving in the direction of the traditional pull away, but there are some love China traditional furniture friends, Chinese TV cabinet above this, not only combines the traditional design concept of dressing cabinet, but also some modern elements, is a characteristic of a TV cabinet, I believe a little calm some character will love it.

Fashion is the pronoun of modern young people, young people love some feel the style of things, the modern fashion sense living room TV cabinet strong is specially designed for people love fashion style, black paint, good gloss, good physical play Chinese stainless steel pattern, dressing cabinet, looks very comfortable.

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