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The classification of mirrors

- Mar 20, 2018 -

1. Dressing mirrors, which are mainly flat glass mirrors, then use wood, plastics, and metal as borders, and are decorated with carving, printing, and inlaying techniques, and are used as stands for lifting and lowering. It is a series of mirrors that are most popular among modern women.

2. Advertising Mirror: This kind of mirror is mainly composed of flat glass mirrors, with metal, plastic, wood, glass and other materials as borders, and advertising-oriented series.

3. Auxiliary decorative mirrors: This type of mirror is usually based on flat glass mirrors. It is decorated with mirrors, such as lines, silk screens, engravings, and stickers, and is decorated on lighting, electrical appliances, toys, and handicrafts.

4, decorative mirrors: This type of mirror to flat glass mirror-based, plastic, wood, glass and other materials to do the frame, with engraving, silk screen, line, paste and other decorative mirror technology, in many mirrors are listed as The most artistic, mainly decorative.

5. Make-up mirror: This type of mirror is mainly made of glass magnifying glass, made of plastic, metal, cardboard, etc., and is decorated with printing, engraving, inlaying, etc., and is supported by lifting, folding, etc. to form a color. There are numerous varieties and the most popular mirror series for modern women.

6, bathroom mirror: This type of mirror is mainly flat glass mirror, plastic, glass, wood, metal and other materials as a border, with the vertical line, silk screen, sculpture, paste and other decorative mirror technology for decoration, with shelves, cabinets Other useful materials are assisted to form a dazzling array of series, which is called mainstream in the mirror series. Based on practicality

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