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How To Install The Vanity Table

- Mar 20, 2018 -

1. a connecting plate cutting part of the card into the dresser at the lower end of the back panel parts, holes are respectively aligned dresser back corresponding holes, flat remain motionless, then 2. will be loaded into the flat screw connecting plate holes, clockwise to tighten the pan head screws with "ten" screwdriver, counterclockwise direction resolution.

Install the other plate in the same way.

3., then straighten up the toilet mirror from the plane, put it on the dresser, close to the connecting plate, move gently back and forth, make the upper end hole of the connecting plate correspond to the back hole of the toilet mirror one by one, pay attention to maintaining balance, and be careful that the dressing mirror slides down.

4. at last, the flat head screw is loaded into the upper end hole of the connecting plate, and the flat head screw is tightened in clockwise direction with the "ten" shaped screwdriver, and the counter clockwise direction is disassembled.

5. when the product is dismantled, the flat head screw and the connecting plate must be removed, and the assembly will be installed at the time of assembly.

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